Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting Settled

My New Normal

Today I'm super excited because I'll be attended the (wait for it) Piggly Wiggly Craftly Beerly Beer Bash. Whew, that name. I feel like I'm really getting settled in here. The people are great, the food is delicious (and I still have a TON of places to try), and Sadie loves all the changes in elevation to climb.
I have attended my orientation, which was an orientation (it took many coffee cups to get through). I have attended one class (apparently University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa starts a week earlier and I have one course there). The people in my class were great, really excited about the class and super friendly.

I'm working on staying on top of my reading and working on getting my Master's Thesis written up for publication so I can move onto other lab-related projects and papers.

Oh and the family room is all set up and looking good! :)

I put the entertainment center together myself! Super proud!

The ***new couch*** (super comfy) all set up!

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